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OPP background

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The main aim of the Action is to foster an interdisciplinary Integrative Platform to measure and understand the historical significance and value to European societies of living marine resource extraction (incl. fishing and mammal hunt) and production (incl. aqua culture) to help shape the future of coasts and oceans.


The secondary objectives are as follows. The Action will:

How will networking within the Action yield objectives?

The ambitious approach of the Action depends on a close working relationship and co-operation between researchers and stakeholders. The Action has been structured to ensure that there are sufficient rewards to share knowledge and information by producing valuable and relevant outcomes.

The Oceans Past Sounding Board will be a valuable mechanism for sharing, facilitating and evaluating improved understanding and tools that demonstrate how digital data and/or platforms can enable the dissemination of research into decision support tools for managers.

A variety of networking tools (including physical meetings for workshops, electronic fora, Webinars, social media, training schools and short-term scientific missions) will be employed. The Platform will encourage participation of Near Neighbourhood and International Partner countries and has been met with wide interest already.