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Management Committee

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The Management Committee (MC) will coordinate the Action and ensure that deliverables are met. The MC will consist of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Action, the Chair of the Sounding Board, and the Lead Partners of the five Working Groups. The Platform Manager will facilitate meetings.

The MC will be responsible for maintaining communication between Action members, the coordination of WGs, and the reporting of outcomes of the Action.

Steering Committee

Poul Holm
Professor Poul Holm
Trinity College Dublin, School of Histories and Humanities
Dr Henn Ojaveer
Dr Henn Ojaveer
University of Tartu, Estonian Marine Institute
Jo D’Arcy
Network Manager
Jo D’Arcy
Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Long Room Hub

This is the group of researchers, engineers and scholars representing COST member countries and / or the COST cooperating state that have accepted the MoU. The MC is in charge of the coordination, implementation, and management of an Action's activities as well as supervising the appropriate allocation and use of the COST funding with a view to achieving the Action's scientific and technological objectives. MC members are nominated by the COST National Coordinators.