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As with all COST activities it is important to read the vademecum page 45-47 re the acknowledgement to COST in upcoming COST funded publications.

Please include the following sentence on all dissemination tools ie dvds, promotional leaflets 'This article/dvd/leaflet is based upon work from COST Action Oceans Past Platform, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)'

Publications and COST:

Please adhere to the following when developing a COST funded publication:
1. The COST logo must be displayed on the front cover page and must be equal in size or larger than other logos.
2. The EU and ESF logos must be included in the publications cover matter (i.e. On the back page or inner pages with the compulsory sentences beside each:
EU, COST is supported by the EU RTD Framework Programme
ESF, provides the COST Office through an EC contract
3. The publication should include a page or section featuring the text on Page 46 of the vademecum
4. COST support should be mentioned in the introduction 'This publication is supported by COST'
5. Cataloguing data, Page 47 of the vademecum
6. Copyright Notice, and citation indication Page 47 of the vademecum (exceptions to this must be justified in writing by the MC Chair)
7. COST legal notice, 'Neither the COST Office nor any person acting on its behalf is responsible for the use which might be made of the information contained in this publication. The COST Office is not responsible for the external websites referred to in this publication.'
8. Author data, each publication or dissemination tool must mention all the authors involved in its production.
9. Author's declaration, please see PAGE 47 of the vademecum

The COST logo and EU emblem, together with the details on the use of visual identity elements is available at: http://www.cost.eu/media/dissemination-corporate-identity.

Please contact silvia.alexe@cost.eu if you have any queries