OPVIII Virtual Conference May 2020

Programme - all times in Universal Time/UCT

18:00 Welcome and Preliminaries (meeting organizers)
18:05 Meeting OpenerPoul Holm
18:15 Cristina Brito
    The Bestiary of D. Juan de Austria: Natural history treatises as elements for the analysis of past sea animals and populations
18:25 Q&A
18:30 Bernard Allaire
    French cod catches in Newfoundland 1500-1800
18:40 John Nicholls
    The Capacity Trend Method: A new approach for enumerating the Newfoundland cod fisheries (1675-1790)
18:50 Poul Holm
    The Danish North Sea Coast Fisheries, 1450-1660)
19:00 Q&A/Moderated discussion – Ruth Thurstan
  Chat moderator- Ben Fitzhugh
19:30 Adjourn

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18:00 Welcome and Setup (meeting organizers)
18:05 Paul Montgomery
    Environmental history and archaeology of coastal northern communities of the transpacific Otter fur trade
18:15 Q&A
18:20 Sophia Nicolov
    A Return to the Past or the New Normal?: Human responses to the 1999-2000 and 2019 eastern North Pacific gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) unusual mortality events
18:30 Q&A
18:35 Josheena Naggea
    Social-ecological transformations affecting marine governance in the Republic of Mauritius
18:40 Q&A
18:50 Guillem Chust
    Null models for attribution analysis of fish distribution shifts to climate change
19:00 Q&A
19:05 Moderated discussion – Cristina Brito
  Chat moderator – Ruth Thurston
19:30 Adjourn

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18:00 Welcome and Setup (meeting organizers)
    Remembering Ron O'Dor
18:05 Bo Poulsen
    1000 years of commercial eel fisheries in Europe
18:15 Q&A
18:20 Tom McGovern
    Introducing the North Atlantic Encounters Program
18:30 Q&A
18:35 Jennifer Selgrath
    Setting baselines for coastal species in Central California
18:40 Q&A
18:50 Ilse Martínez
    Changing times, changing vulnerabilities in Mexican shark fisheries
19:00 Q&A
19:05 Moderated discussion – Ben Fitzhugh
  Chat moderator – Alison MacDiarmid
19:30 Adjourn

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18:00 Welcome and Setup (meeting organizers)
18:05 Poster lightning talks with links to online posters
  Joana Baço
    Marine Lexicon: Presenting a cross-European thesaurus about early modern marine mammals
  Nina Vieira
    Casks of oil, burdens of baleen: The importance of whales and whaling in Brazil (17th and 18th centuries)
  David Orton
    SeaChanges: a training network bridging archaeology and marine biology
  Katrien Dierickx
    Flatfish and the origins of European marine fishing
  Paul Butler
    SEACHANGE: Quantifying the impact of major cultural transitions on marine ecosystem functioning and biodiversity
  Antony Firth
    Ocean Decade Heritage Network (ODHN)
  Youri van den Hurk
    The Demise of the Atlantic Grey Whale (Eschrichtius robustus)
18:20 Q&A
18:30   Paolo Albano
    Climate-driven biodiversity collapse on the Mediterranean Israeli shelf (updated title for virtual meeting)
18:40  Q&A
18:45  Ruth Thurstan
    Two centuries of social and ecological transformation in an inshore marine system: Queensland's rock oysters
18:55 Q&A
19:00 John Nicholls
    OBIS – A brief overview
19:10 Moderated discussion – Alison MacDiarmid
  Chat moderator – Poul Holm
19:30 Adjourn

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18:00 Welcome and Setup (meeting organizers)
18:05 Georgina Hunt
    Long-term changes in fish communities in the western North Sea
18:15 Q&A
18:20 Hreiðar Þór Valtýsson
    Disentangling the factors affecting the CPUE in Icelandic fisheries in the past
18:30 Q&A
18:35 Alf Ring Kleiven, Sigurd Heiberg Espeland, Stian Stiansen, Esben Moland Olsen
    Technological creep masking stock collapse in a 90-year marine fishery time series
18:45 Q&A
18:50 Philip Ross
    Te Waiwhakata: reflecting on the past to plan for the sustainability of coastal ecosystems
19:00 Q&A
19:05 Moderated discussion – Poul Holm
  Chat moderator – Cristina Brito
19:25 Session Close, invitation to Oostende, May 2021
19:30 Adjourn

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